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    Big Style Nitrogen Generator


      Flow of Nitrogen:100-400m3/hr
      Purity of Nitrogen:99.99%
      • With more humanize design of colored control panel, it is easy to see the operating condition of the generator.
      • The functions include self-diagnostic function, excessive oxygen content alarm, historical operating record and maintenance notification and so on.
      • You can set up the purity and the flow rate to meet your need of nitrogen.
      • The quality is highly reliable by using carbon molecular sieve from Japan and imported components.
      • The design of Big style nitrogen generator is parallel design and the smallest in the industry.
      • Nitrogen generator can automatically adjust according to the flow rate of user in order to lower the energy and air consumption of air compressor.
      • The accuracy of electronic Nitrogen flow meter is high and the tolerance is small.
      • With CE certified, the safety is the best.Big style nitrogen generator can be customized according to the customer’s need.