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    Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screw Air Compressor


      Horsepower(HP);5.5 ~ 90KW

      • A design where everything is rational. Particular care has been taken to resolving air circulation problems inside the machine. The use of quality reliable components allows optimal performance form an excellent screw air end.
      • The series are modern and up-to-dated rotary oil-injected screw compressors that serve a wide range of applications.
      • All components are easy to be reached as all panels can be removed easily. Components have been widely tested and the design of all components guarantees easy access to the cabinet for any maintenance operation.
      • Easy to use and simple maintenance together with low noise level are the stronger points of this range.
      • Highly efficient cooling and low power consumption make the air compressors the ideal choice for processes requiring constant air flow at a steady pressure.
      • Load-no-load control with shutdown function increase the compressor life and provide energy savings. Thus you get reliable supply of compressed air at minimum cost.